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Looking for a smarter, simpler and more transparent business loan?

Say hello to BizFin - a new approach business finance from your local credit union.

Our priority is helping you

meet your business requirements.

We have expertly trained, dedicated staff who are able to provide guidance to help you make a successful credit application.


We believe in the benefits of customer relationships. This means that we’re available to meet, in person, to discuss your financing options.

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As Ireland’s ‘Most Trusted Organisation 2020’, our processes are completely transparent. This means that we’ll keep you informed as your application progresses.

And, you will have a clear point of contact for Business Lending.

Visit our Information Centre for guides and lending terms.

Information Centre


Listening to the needs of our members is central to our service offering, and we have designed our forms and procedures according to your feedback. This means that our application process is short and straightforward.


We’ve streamlined our processes.

This means that we’re able to make a speedy decision, allowing you to get back to business.

Annual Review

We are happy to offer all of our business borrowers an annual review of their facilities [including security] and to meet with a member of our lending team.

BizFin loan features:

Competitive rates of interest.

Loan amounts of up to €400,000.

Loan terms up to a maximum of 20 years, aligned with purposes.

Loan Cover Protection for sole traders or business borrowers in a partnership at no extra cost. (Terms & conditions apply).

Green Business Loan offering at discounted rates of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Representative Examples


Loan Amount Weekly   Repayments Term Total   Cost Interest   Rate APR
€10,000 €198.50 1 year €321.76 6.25% 6.45%
€20,000 €93.28 5 years €4,252.80 7.95% 8.27%
€50,000 €129.37 10 years €17,272.40 6.25% 6.45%
€175,000 €326.94 15 years €80,013.20 5.375% 5.52%
€400,000 €621.42 20 years €246,276.80 5.25% 5.39%

Terms & Conditions apply:

All loans are subject to application and approval, creditworthiness and repayment ability will be assessed. Lending Terms & Conditions Apply. The interest rate is variable.

Warning, the cost of your repayments may increase. Security may be required.

Warning, if you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears, which may affect your credit rating, and limit your ability to access credit

in the future.

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What is BizFin?

BizFin which translates to Business Finance Made Simple, as in Credit Union Plus we have made applying for a business loan a simple & transparent process, as painless as possible for the applicant.

Who can apply for a business loan?

We welcome applications from all business owners, including agriculture, whether your business is a company, partnership or sole trader, so all SME’s, including micro enterprises.

Do I need to be a member of the Credit Union to apply for a business loan?

No, we can process an application for non -members as long as you are eligible to become a member, that is, if you live in our catchment area or your business is within our catchment area.

How much can I borrow?

This will depend on your own financing requirements for your business to accomplish its goals, along with the financial position and cashflow to meet repayments.

With BizFin loans we are delighted to assist our business borrowers with loans up to €400,000 and we will work with our members to determine the best borrowing options.

How long can I have a loan over?

Short term loans are best to cover short term expenses, while medium term loans are often used to finance vehicle and equipment purchases.   Long term loans are typically used to purchase property, business premises, including land for farmers.

Credit unions provide a range of loan terms, to suit your business needs, and you can borrow up to 20 years with BizFin.  It is important to choose the optimum term for your needs as shorter terms will reduce of the cost of credit, as the borrower will pay less interest.

Will security be required?

A Credit Union may require security for a loan and the security being sought will be proportionate to the value of the loan.  An explanation will be offered as to why security is required and the consequences of providing security for the term of the loan.  Providing security may increase the amount of money an applicant can borrow.

Why would I borrow from a Credit Union instead of a bank?

We bring our personal touch to business lending; we are smaller and more community focused that a large high street bank.  We will be more familiar with our local catchment area, and better able to understand the needs of your business.

As Credit Unions are non-profit financial institutions, that are owned by our members, our rates of interest may be lower than the bank can offer.  In any event our interest rates will be highly competitive.

Our Credit Unions are deeply involved in the local community, which may result in other benefits for our business & community borrowers.

What information will a Credit Union need to process a business loan application?

A Credit Union will only look for information that is required in support of an application, such as:

  • financial / management accounts and/or most recent notice of assessment.
  • bank statements
  • business plan & projections
  • debtor, creditor & stock listing[s]

Additional information may be requested for more complex or larger applications.

How long will I have to wait to get a response on my application?

All applications are decisioned within the credit union, typically by people working and living in the locality.

Credit unions have always been committed to making a decision in house in a timely manner.  Business loans are no different, as once we have all the relevant information to hand a decision is made.

Can a farmer apply for a BizFin loan and how can you apply?

Yes, a farmer can apply for a BizFin business loan, as they run and manage a challenging business and we are delighted to talk to you.